M​indful New Year

live your life with intention, presence, and passion

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves.” 
— Edith Lovejoy Pierce
You want to ROCK your 2017, right?
Maybe you've already written down ALL THE RESOLUTIONS and ALL THE THINGS you are going to do and change this year.

Or maybe what you REALLY want for 2017 is some time to slow down, think deeply, and live intentionally.

Or maybe you haven't even been able to start thinking about your plan for 2017 because you are full of PURPOSE and DRIVE and PASSION, but you don't know where to focus all that energy.

No matter what, you KNOW you are going to BE PRESENT, SHOW UP, and ACCOMPLISH some serious stuff this year!

But maybe you're a bit worried because you often start your year with great intentions, and then those resolutions, well.... we know what often happens with resolutions....

I don't want your AWESOME passion and BEAUTIFUL intentions for 2017 -- and your LIFE! -- to go to waste! And I'm sure YOU don't either!
So let's work together...
Transformation is hard. But the good news is that change IS possible. Sticking to your resolutions is possible.


But you need a plan. You need focus. You need support.

And you need a whole bunch of mindfulness and clarity.

So let's spend the first few months of the year together, shall we?

Let me help you get clear on what you want to DO and how you want to BE in 2017.  

Let me show you how mindfulness can help you live your 2017 with intentionpresence, and passion!
Your mindful beginning to 2017:
Let's get clear on what you want to do, how you want to feel, and how mindfulness will help you get there.
Weeks of January 9 & 16:
When there's a WHY, there's a WAY! 
We'll begin the year together with a deep dive into intention and resolution setting

​​"Intention" comes from the Latin word for "to turn one's attention." Intention is about what we want to focus on -- and that's what we'll explore as we consider how to make the most of our time and energy in the upcoming year.
We'll ponder the BIG BIG question: "What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?" (And the NEXT big question: "What is your WHY?")
You'll begin to connect with our Mindful New Year community as you share your visions and passions and inquiries with a supportive and loving group!
Got a ton of resolutions? GREAT! We'll explore how to narrow your focus so you don't feel scattered all year!
No idea what you want to do this year? GREAT! You'll learn how to make "resolution-setting" SO MUCH EASIER by gently exploring the different areas of your life, and discovering the "best practices" for growth and self-development.
You'll learn, and apply, the research-based formulas (yes, they exist!) for joyful and meaningful living so you can set yourself on a path of success and fulfillment in 2017!
Week of January 23:
Discover how to make powerful, lasting change!
We know change can be REALLY FREAKIN' HARD.

So let's dive into the research-based practices that help us stay committed, keep us on track, and steadily working toward our goals.
Discover how to change your routines, your environment, and your mindset so transformation is possible for YOU.
Learn what the experts know about sticking to your plans, actually accomplishing your goals, creating meaningful improvements in your life, and avoiding the most common pitfalls that sabotage even our best-est intentions. 
** You'll be surprised at some of these!
You'll discover how to reframe those hard-and-scary "resolutions" into gentle intentions, and learn the powerful art of releasing attachment to the outcomes of your actions ~ because, wonderfully and paradoxically, it's when we let go of expectations that we cultivate the greatest rewards and our deepest joy.
Create your mindful action plan so you can carry your intentions forward into your your year, your life, and our world.
Week of January 30:
Be a mindful mover and shaker!
Who says you can't be mindful AND be a kick-a$$ world-changer???

This week, we'll dive into mindfulness practice and learn how cultivating PRESENCE and BALANCE helps us channel our PASSION into meaningful ACTION!
Learn simple-​but-powerful mindfulness techniques you can bring into your busy-and-power-full days ~ so you can deepen your concentration, find your balance, and act with clarity.
Create a mindful morning routine to start each day of 2017 with intention, presence, and passion!
Explore how your emotions (especially the "negative" ones) can become the fuel for your passions (instead of letting them lead you to despair, rage, or frustration.)
Discover how mindfulness can help you respond to setbacks and unreached goals with equanimity and renewed purpose.
Choose your own mindful adventure!
Mindfulness helps us cultivate the peace of mind we crave, and the clarity we need, to live passionate and engaged and purposeful lives.

After spending your January with me, exploring INTENTION, TRANSFORMATION, and PASSIONATE PRESENCE, you can select ANY Brilliant Mindfulness course to continue your mindful journey into February! For real!
Select the course that YOU need the most in 2017!
you will indicate your choice when you register
click on the images to learn more about each course
Brilliant Mindful YOU

Mindfulness for Beginners: Find calm and balance.
Reduce Stress with Body and Breath

Connect with your body.
Stop losing your mind.
Mindfulness for Mothers

Ditch the drama and be a mindful mama.
Your choose-your-own-adventure course will begin on February 6th!
(courses are 4-6 weeks long)
Registration and Pricing
Mindful New Year is just $119
I'm going to be honest with you -- this is the BEST deal I have EVER offered on any of my courses. Each of the courses above, as a stand-alone course, costs $99 or more.

In A Mindful New Year, you get
* four powerful weeks of content
 three live coaching calls
​* a mindful online community
guided meditations
 downloads galore


full registration in the Brilliant Mindfulness course of your choosing! 
Your Choose-Your-Own-Mindful-Adventure Guide
If you're brand-new to mindfulness....
consider Brilliant Mindful YOU, so you can establish your meditation practice, and explore various practices for working with emotions, physical discomfort, stress, and compassion and forgiveness.
If you're a stressed-out mama...
consider Mindfulness for Mothers, so you can learn how to bring mindfulness into your busy-mama days, how to take care of yourself in ways that are truly nourishing, and how to keep calm when your kids are fired up!
If you're just plain stressed-out...
consider Reduce Stress with Body and Breath, so you can explore your stressors, learn about your body's stress response, and discover powerful practices that use the body and the breath to help you live with LESS STRESS!
Coaching Call Schedule
Friday, January 13, 2017: 10am CST
Friday, January 27, 2017: 10am CST
Friday, February 3, 2017: 10am CST
All calls will be recorded, so no worries if you can't join us live!
How is mindfulness going to help me with all that I want to do this year?
A growing body of research indicates that a mindfulness practice can lead to many benefits, including: 
improved focus and concentration
less emotional reactivity
increased levels of happiness, optimism, and well-being
decreased levels of depression and anxiety
increased empathy and compassion
better sleep, improved immune functioning, and less chronic pain
With all that, just IMAGINE what you could do in 2017!
How the Course Works
Beginning January 9th, you will be able to access the course content in the Brilliant Mindfulness online course system.
Weekly Lessons
You'll get access to an entire week of content each Monday. Work through the lessons at your own pace!
Comments and Q&A
Every lesson has a comments section for you to share your insights and celebrations, and to ask questions.
Guided Meditations
Each week you'll get downloadable meditations from me ~ so there's no wondering, "How do I DO this meditation thing???"
Private Facebook Group
You can join our private group and share inspiration, insight, and inquiries, and connect with a passionate community!
Coaching Calls
We will gather online three times in January for a chance to ask questions LIVE, and for us to practice together as a community.
Journaling Prompts
Most lessons will also include downloadable pdf's to help you reflect on your goals, and sort through all your amazing ideas!
Registration Bonuses
Get INSTANT access to these bonus materials so you can start right away!
The Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice
Learn the seven fundamental components of a mindfulness practice, as outlined by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and explained by me!
Intentions and Stress Assessment
An eight-page download for journaling, and reflecting on your current opportunities and challenges before we begin in January.

"Thank you for creating this course -- it has helped me grow into a more calm and compassionate person, and brought many positive changes into my life. It has helped me be grateful for what I have, which is so much. Thank you so much for everything!"

2016 Brilliant Mindfulness Course Participant
A Mindful New Year with
Sarah Rudell Beach
* Mindful Schools Certified Instructor
* Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness
* Creator of the popular website Left Brain Buddha
* and Oprah called me a "guru!"

I have had a long-time mindfulness practice... and I credit that practice with giving me the clarity to know when it was time to make a major life shift by leaving my classroom teaching job of 17 years and becoming a full-time mindfulness instructor.

I have taught mindfulness to thousands of people both in-person and online, and I would love to share this practice with YOU!
Add Personal Coaching to your registration!
A Mindful New Year
All course components as listed above
A Mindful New Year + Coaching
All course components as listed above, PLUS:
  • eight one-on-one coaching calls
  • personalized mindfulness instruction
  • support for your mindfulness practice and your goals and resolutions for 2017
  • payment plan available
  • a $900 value!
Frequently-Asked Questions
Am I going to have a hard time keeping up in class?

​I strongly encourage you to set aside some time for this course as time for YOU, for your own nurturing and self-care. These are important, BIG topics that we will be exploring! That said, you have FOREVER ACCESS to the course... so if you don't get to some parts of the course until mid-2017 or beyond.... that's okay!

All of the coaching calls will be recorded, so you will have forever access to those, too!
Do I have to join the Facebook group?

No. It's completely optional, but a lot of valuable sharing can happen in online groups. It will be a great way for us to continue to remain in touch and support each other throughout the year. When you join the group and post on the group page, NONE of your other Facebook friends will be able to see your posts. That said, no content will be shared on Facebook that won't also be made available in the online system.
What is your refund policy?

I have worked hard to make this course the best possible experience for you. But I understand that it may not be right for everyone. If, after the end of the first week, you decide this course just isn't what you needed, you can request a FULL refund. Refund requests must be submitted to me via email by January 15th at 10pm CST. No refunds will be issued after that date.
What qualifies you to teach this stuff?
I have practiced and studied mindfulness for several years. I currently teach mindfulness to children, teens, and adults. I have been trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and I have completed a 300-hour, year-long training program to become a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. 

I taught high school for 17 years — the many courses I have taught include Psychology and World Religions. Additionally, I write about mindfulness on my popular blog Left Brain Buddha, which has over 25,000 unique visitors each month. As the Executive Director of Brilliant Mindfulness, I teach mindfulness to students, teachers, parents, and children. 
Will this course make ALL my goals for the year come true?

I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it so! But mindfulness is not a cure-all or a superpower. It does not eliminate the stressors in our lives. The power of mindfulness comes from learning to live in wise relationship with our thoughts and emotions. Studies indicate that people who practice mindfulness do experience less stress, report greater levels of happiness, and have greater focus and concentration. As with many things in life, your mileage with mindfulness may vary. But this course will give you brilliant guidance and direction for the journey!
Is there anyone who shouldn't take this course?

This course isn’t for everyone. Specifically, this course may not be for you if:
- you are looking for a course with a strong religious component (either Buddhist, Christian, or something else)
- you are looking for a course about manifestation or "The Secret"
- you are not willing to put in the time to practice mindfulness
- you are struggling with significant depression or anxiety and are not currently in treatment — if this is the case, I strongly encourage you to contact a mental health provider (this course is not intended to replace therapy or other mental health services)
What if I've already taken ALL of your courses?

That's wonderful! If you've already completed all three courses, click here to email me about special pricing.
What if I want to take more than just one of the February courses?

That's wonderful, too! For this super-awesome New Years' pricing, you can add each additional Brilliant Mindfulness course for $79. Email me here for more information.
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